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For Directors & CEO’s responsible for business strategy

Download your PDF: The Strategy Pressure Cooker Method.

Develop your rock solid business strategy in 2 weeks

Map the market with all new circumstances and players

Formulate a winning strategy to realise your ambitions

Define the core processes and key position holders

Develop an implementation plan for organisation-wide support and feasibility

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Clients that we have worked with

The most important pitfalls that prevent organizations from achieving their goals

Having a plan without actively pursuing it,

Failure to accurately identify and respond to external factors in an accurate manner 

 Failure to develop clear processes that direct the right people toward the right goals. 

Lack of accountability of key position holders due to unclear or unmeasurable objectives. 

No realistic goals or no access to the necessary resources.

The Strategy Pressure Cooker Method provides a strategy process from Market Analysis to Implementation.

In the PDF you will find, among other things:

The 5 elements of a rock solid business strategy

The critical success factors for implementation

A holistic approach for ‘key position holder management’ and internal support for the strategy

The pressure cooker roadmap for developing the corporate strategy with an implementation plan in two weeks

BONUS: MIT model for digital transformation

Who is the Strategy Pressure Cooker Method intended for?

CEOs looking for an executable corporate strategy

C-level executives aiming to bring the organization’s full potential to fruition through a strategy with concrete and measurable goals

Management teams who want to formulate a clear and unambiguous strategy in which all key stakeholder interests are safeguarded.

 What our clients have say about the pressure cooker method

Thilo Orthen

Thilo Orthen

Managing Director @Viva floors

StratScan has helped us to structure the strategy in such a way that the entire organization can understand it. It is the core of the organization that we can always refer back to. It comes across as good and professional and it just gives a lot of guidance.

Ulas Biter

Ulas Biter

Founder and Surgeon @ TULP MC

StratScan helped me challenge the ideas I had in my head and put them on paper as concrete goals. It has given me the structure and plan that I used to set up my business.

Ronald Kunneman

Ronald Kunneman

Director @ Thal Thechnologies

We did the pressure cooker workshop pretty soon after I was appointed. At that time we had a variety of ideas about the future. Thijs helped us to formulate spearheads and make them very concrete. In this way we were able to take capacity away from the entrepreneur and focus on the verticals. It helped us to realize our growth objectives the following year.

Download the PDF and get instant access to the exclusive content of the Strategy Pressure Cooker Method

Develop a watertight strategy in 2 weeks

Map the market with all new conditions and players

Formulate a winning strategy for your ambitions

Draw up an implementation plan for organisation-wide support and feasibility

Ipad-pdf EN
Download your PDF EN
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