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Strategy session: Develop a rock solid business strategy with measurable objectives and action plan in 2 weeks

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In a strategy session we assess where the company is now, what the primary goals are and what it takes to get there.

Schedule strategy meeting directly via the calendar.

Choose a time in our calendar that suits you best, fill in your details and answer a few short questions about your company. At the chosen time we will call you for the interview.

If the call shows that your company is a good fit and we can help you further, we’ll discuss how that works. If not, we will help you further with tips and advice or we will refer you to another party.


An excess of strategic ambitions, but lack of a concrete plan of action?

Most organizations limit themselves in their potential by not securing ambitions in a clear and workable plan. Why? These are the 4 main reasons.

Top management works hard IN the business, but not ON the business
As a result, there is no clear strategic plan on paper, employees to be busy without moving the organisation closer to it’s goals.

Insufficient attention to market developments
The organization has been doing the same for years and earns a good living from it. But because there is insufficient response to what the competition is doing and how the market is moving, growth is stagnating.

No concrete plan for implementation
A strategy has been formulated, but it lacks clearly defined processes with the necessary (human) resources and responsibilities. The result: concrete action towards the defined goal is difficult or impossible.

Lack of support within the organization
When a strategy is not lived through in every layer of the organization, the staff will not give priority to the objectives. The result? Everyone continues in the same way as before and nothing changes.

Develop a rock solid strategy with implementation plan in 2 weeks


For many organizations, business strategy development is a time-consuming and costly process. Yet, despite the amount of work that goes into it, crucial elements are often overlooked. This is where we make the difference.

StratScan offers a structured no-nonsense approach to formulating business strategy with clear objectives and a focus on digitalization (where possible and useful), organizational structures and performance improvement. Our team consists of seasoned senior consultants with operational c-level experience in writing and succeeding in business strategies. By focusing on the essentials and leaving out endless explorations, we translate key ambitions into an executable strategy within two weeks. You will receive an outline of an implementation plan, which can be shared directly with the organization.

Depending on your needs, StratScan then also offers support in implementing the strategy and transforming the business.

Certified in and based on proven methodologies from leading institutes:

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The Strategy Pressure Cooker Method provides a Strategy Process from Market Analysis to Measurement and Improvement.

How does my organization relate to the competition and what is a future-proof positioning?

What are the right objectives for my organization?

How do I formulate a workable strategy?

Which organizational structure is needed for my goals

How do I keep my finger on the pulse and make sure I stay on-track for my goals?


Challenge your business strategy on:

Market Analysis

Together we map out the key players and developments to determine a future-proof positioning

Internal analysis

We help to identify internal strengths and areas for improvement so that you can continue to grow from your strengths.


From a holistic perspective, we formulate concrete and clear objectives which can be supported throughout the organization.


When ambitions have been sharply defined in terms of objectives, we work out the ‘how’ in a crystal-clear, executable strategy.

Organization structure

We map out the crucial processes and allocate the necessary (human) resources to realize the ambitions.

Measuring and knowing

In order to be able to adjust effectively we implement the necessary KPI’s and balanced scorecards and process this in a dashboard for real time progression insights


We take a proven approach to identifying and exploiting the opportunities of the digital age for your organization.

End game

Do you play to win? We’ll help you create a clear end goal for your business and plan for success.

Schedule an introductory interview with one of the partners

Thijs Linthorst

Thijs is the founder and managing partner of StratScan. He brings in more than 25 years of strategy and management experience at large corporates and SMEs.

Maarten Stramrood

Maarten is partner at StratScan covering the areas of digital transformation, data and technology. He has almost 20 years experience in the digital industry.

Wilko de Vette

Wilko is partner at StratScan covering the areas of business transformation, finance, restructuring and M&A. He brings in more than 25 years of experience in many finance related roles.

 What our clients say about the pressure cooker method

Thilo Orthen

Thilo Orthen

Managing Director @Viva floors

StratScan has helped us to put the strategy into such a structure that the whole organization can relate to it. It is the core of the organization that we can always refer back to. It comes across as good and professional and it just gives a lot of guidance.

Ulas Biter

Ulas Biter

Founder and Surgeon @ TULP MC

StratScan helped me challenge the ideas I had in my head and put them on paper as concrete goals. It has given me the structure and plan that I used to set up my business.

Ronald Kunneman

Ronald Kunneman

Director @ Thal Thechnologies

We did the pressure cooker workshop pretty soon after I was appointed. At that time we had a variety of ideas about the future. Thijs helped us to formulate spearheads and make them very concrete. In this way we were able to take capacity away from the entrepreneur and focus on the verticals. It helped us to realize our growth objectives the following year.

Schedule Strategy Talk.
45 minutes with one of the StratScan partners.

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